1. Can I call a masseuse to my hotel in mid-night?

  Yes. But you must provide your hotel name, room number, your last name and your mobile number for contacting you if we cannot reach you by landline in your room. Sometimes you need come down to lobby to pick her up because she needs room key to use the elevator.

  2. Can I pay by credit card?

  Sorry we accept cash ONLY. But foreign currency is accepted. You can also pay by WeChat or AliPay.

  3. If I do not like the masseuse, can I reject her?

  Yes. But you need to provide her a minimum taxi fare to compensate her expense to your place.

  4. Do you have a place to do in call?


  5. What is your business hour?

  24 Hour & 365 days Outcall service.

  6. Do I need to make a reservation in advance if I use your service?

  We suggest you to make a reservation at lease one hour in advance because bad traffic in the city will cost the masseuse more time to arrive at your hotel..

  7. Do you have masseur for man or woman customer?

  Yes we have.

  8. Can we get discount if we have more than one person to book massage?

  Yes, if you invite a friend to book massage together, each of you will get 100 Yuan discount for massage.

  9. Do you also have girls in such city as Shanghai or Shenzhen?

  Yes, we have.