Blackjack Massage Club, as indicated in its name, is dedicated to offer the superior service to customers, as like the Blackjack which is the best result in a casino Blackjack game. We are living in a much-connected world now and the tempo of life is speeding up. Thus many customers are facing high pressure in their work or life. Our goal is to eradicate your fatigue and unhappiness in life and help you find the original yourself who is optimistic and enjoying the life.

  We are a professional and keen-on-privacy massage club. Our masseuse and masseur are carefully selected and trained. They understand some English and Western culture. Our discreet attitude will make you feel safe, relaxing and friendly.

  We offer 24 hour & 365 days OUTCALL service ONLY to the big-Beijing area including Beijing International Airport. Our receptionist can speak fluent English and will help you at such things as tour guide.

  Booking one hour IN ADVANCE is highly appreciated because the traffic is always bad and it will take more time for the masseuse to arrive at your hotel.